If you are like most people, you dream about buying a nice home in a desirable neighborhood. Here's your chance to make that dream a reality! We will give you all the benefits of home ownership: Immediate occupancy in a new home, wonderful tax breaks and most importantly, pride in owning your own home.

LaRue Realty & API Companies have teamed up and are ready to work with you through the entire process....from start to finish! You will be living in your custom built home faster than you've ever dreamed. Isn't that exciting?

The process is easier than you think... here's where to start:

1) First, call Betty at (w)763-441-1733 or (c)763-234-2598. Betty will connect you with an experienced, knowledgeable mortgage loan officer.

2) Next, let our real estate experts find your future home-site in the neighborhood you desire. LaRue Realty is a fast growing, upbeat real estate company that specializes in new construction. Once you've found the property you've dreamed of, it's time for the most exciting part...

3) Designing your dream house! API Companies, a building company with creative vision, has multiple housing plans to choose from. You will have the opportunity to make upgrades and modifications throughout the design process. From exterior finishes such as siding color and style, garage and entry doors to that fancy deck where you will host your first BBQ. Interior floor plans can be modified to suit you and your family's needs. Just think; new carpet or hardwood floors, new bathrooms, your dream kitchen....or how about that big family room for your wide screen TV! You get the idea.... and the process is that easy! With API Companies, you will get the professional expertise you need, making the entire process painless and fun.

Business Relationship

While you are working with LaRue Realty & API Companies, you will be treated professionally and with respect: from filling out your mortgage application to completing the final walk-through on your new home. Our experienced agents will guide you through the process with ease, so you can sit back and watch your dream home materialize before your eyes!

So pick up the phone and call us today.....
What are you waiting for?!